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Pedagogies for the Anthropocene
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Pedagogies for the Anthropocene

Pedagogies for the Anthropocene; teaching transformation, resilience, and belonging

 The ‘human age’, or the Anthropocene, comes with an increasing awareness of interdependencies in as well as beyond the realm of the human.  Facing the complex challenges of this age calls for a different way of being in the world. Navigating such ‘deep adaptation’ requires new forms of knowledge and action. Therefore, this workshop asks: What are the pedagogies for the Anthropocene?

We will focus on developing teaching practices on the basis of various innovative teaching  programmes currently taught in the Netherlands. The workshop will discuss pedagogies and teaching methods that help develop an attitude towards resilience, transformation, and belonging. Resilience means ownership over one’s own growth, agency, and being, even in times of hardship and uncertainty. Transformation requires the ability to let go, grieve, and embrace the new challenges and narratives that emerge. Finally, belonging  is the ability to root oneself in changing environments, and in a community that is more than human.

The workshop will offer examples of teaching resilience, transformation and belonging from the Utrecht University ‘Young Innovator’s Programme’ and ‘Creating Societal Impact’ courses as well as the independent ‘House of Being’ project, and will then open up the floor in order to co-develop new pedagogical insights and approaches.

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