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This summer: School for the Apocalypse

School for the Apocalypse X Neuhaus

The House of Being in collaboration with the Neuhaus is proud to present the School for the Apocalypse. This year as a part of the celebration of the 100 years’ anniversary of the Bauhaus; a codification of ‘the modern’ in a pedagogy that could produce the new world, the School for the Apocalypse will explore what the curriculum for a post-human living and design would be in our current era.
The School invites practitioners, artists, and thinkers to join the search for building blocks that could make up a ‘curriculum’ for the ‘Anthropocene'. Or to be more precise, to explore how to live, learn, and die in the ‘Anthropocene’.

Together we will search for practices, institutions, artifacts, and pedagogies that (re)connect us to our present environment in meaningful ways.

The projects run under the umbrella of Het Nieuwe Instituut in Rotterdam.




5th of July Learning session: dying in the apocalypse

In this preparatory session (“Dying”), we explored the interaction between art, death, and the ending of our current mode of being. It will revolve around the question: ‘what needs to die’? It will focus on technology, decolonizing the mind, and re-conceptualizing the ‘end’.

Date: 5th July

Lime: 11am-5pm

Location: Het Nieuwe Instituut

13th September Orientation School for the Apocalypse

Orientation for students on School for the Apocalyps Weekend. 

Date: Friday 13th of September

Time: 16pm-19pm

Location: To be announced

21-22 September School for the Apocalypse

The School for the Apocalypse weekend facilitates an experiential learning community with time for deeply personal and worldly conversations on what truly matters to ‘us’. During this weekend, we invite a mixed group of students and practitioners to join a two-day immersive experience where facing the apocalypse opens up the possibility of a new world. We will explore ways of navigating these ambiguous and disturbing times, fed by rich sources and practitioners in art, science, and societal engagement.

Date: 21-22 September

Location: Het Nieuwe Instituut

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